hi i am a newbie here. i have been taking aikijutsu for 6 years now. i am a sophomore in high school and i teach 4~8 years olds martial arts. i have recently had to quit martial arts due to a skateboarding accident and hope you all can help me stay in the spirit so i can get back to it soon!
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Hello there. ^^ All . . . eight of you?

I was super excited upon stumbling upon this community. ^^! People who know what I'm talking about and their only fondness of the martial arts/samurai aren't from too many video games, yaaay.

I've been practicing the art of Shindoryu Aikijutsu for about . . . wow, almost a year now, and will hopefully be testing for my green belt in the fall. I'm going into my junior year of High School in a small town smack in the middle of Illinois. Our dojo is frighteningly small (in size and members) and really doesn't have much significant about it. Though supposedly Shi'han Ron Ater was well known at some point in time. **shudders** Scary man. My Sensei is Dr. Frank Meyer . . . who's also the super intendent of the school district. The man of a million faces.

**waves it away** Well, not that anyone cares about the nitty gritty details.

But anywhooo . . . Yo!
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Hello everyone!!
I was wondering if some you wouldn't mind filling out this questionnaire for me. It's part of my research project which is about whether or not those studying a martial art, incorporate what they learn in their training into their everyday life.

Please forgive me if some of the information I use within the questions are wrong. I, unfortunately, am not currently studying a martial art, and so I do not know as much as I should. But soon, very soon I am hoping to begin studying Iaido.

I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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Do you face the same stereotypes about the Martial Arts that i do?

I find that the average person who knows nothing of the Martial Arts outside of a Jackie Chan movie tends to want to poke fun and look down on a person studying the Martial Arts. I remember when i was still in High School all the Jock's would always call me Bruce Lee, in all reality i could probably have kicked there butts with little effort but chose restraint to rise above there crap. BUt in all reality i guess we live in an ignorant world where people are afraid of things they dont understand.
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